Why Inbound Calls are Critical to Your Customer’s Journey

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I have to admit that I’m terrible about calls and I absolutely know that I’m leaving money on the table with my business. My phone often rings throughout the day and the people don’t bother to leave a message, they just move on. My guess is that they simply don’t wish to work with an unresponsive company and that answering the phone is an indicator of that. The opposite is true – we’re very receptive to our clients. It’s our prospects that often get put aside, though. Not good!

And here’s the evidence:

52% of those that couldn’t speak to a real person say it has impacted their decision to buy.

This infographic provides some additional insight that is pushing me to pull in the resources we need to have an active and responsive call strategy. DialogTech (formerly Ifbyphone) put together this data from various sources throughout the industry – and it’s well worth investigating!

The Business of Conversation

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