The Battle for the Inbox

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On average, subscribers receive 416 commercial email messages per month… that’s a lot of emails for the average person. More people read emails that deal with their finances and travel than any other category… and it’s important to note that subscribers aren’t simply subscribing to your email – they’re also subscribing to your competitor.

Ensuring your email is designed well and responsive to mobile devices are an absolute minimum. Having a compelling email that’s of value – albeit monetary or the value of the information provided – is how you win the battle! This infographic from ReturnPath walks through some industry segments and provides some comparisons… check it out:


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    Thanks for sharing Douglas, I am really impressed by some of the figures in this infographic. However, I believe that the great amount of those emails is actually never read. It is impossible to keep up with everything, and some things definitely pass through our inbox without we even realize it.

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