The Content Marketing Matrix

contennt marketing

Content marketing strategies continue to change, especially with advancements in mobile technologies and access to high bandwidth is becoming commonplace. Marketers need to be more resourceful in their approach to generate content. One thing we do is often work back in complexity… we design an animation and use the content for a webinar, we use that content for a presentation shared on Slideshare, we use that content to develop an infographic and perhaps some sales sheets, whitepapers or case studies… and then we use the content in blog posts and sometimes press releases.

PRWeb has created this matrix to show how different types of content can appeal to different consumers and offers facts or suggestions about each. The top shows the the different types of content, while the bottom explains how those pieces of content can be used.

Do you have strategies for all of these content marketing formats? Do you have a publishing process to drive your content to the platforms that are reaching the audiences you’re looking to attract? Do you have a promotion plan to capitalize the attention your content will receive when it’s published?


What do you think?

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