Integrately: How To Integrate Salesforce Marketing Cloud With WordPress Using Elementor Forms

Integrately: WordPress Elementor Form Webhook to Salesforce Marketing Cloud App Integration

As Salesforce consultants, a problem that we continuously see in our space is the development and upkeep costs of integrating third-party sites and applications with Marketing Cloud. While Highbridge does a lot of development on behalf of our clients, we will always research whether or not there is a solution available on the market first.

The benefits of a productized integration are three-fold:

  1. Rapid deployment – enables you to get your integration up faster than with proprietary development.
  2. Lower costs – even with subscription fees and usage fees, productized integrations are typically far less expensive than proprietary development.
  3. Maintenance – as platforms change their authentication methodologies, endpoints, or API support, third-party integration platforms manage this as part of your subscription and they’re typically fully prepared to upgrade, deploy new features, or communicate changes that must happen well ahead of time.

It’s not always perfect, though, and we do have to vet the solutions to ensure:

  • The integration has the features needed.
  • The integration utilizes app or API-style integrations that aren’t dependent on usernames and passwords.
  • The company is keeping the integration updated.
  • The company has comprehensive documentation.
  • The company has full-time support and a good service-level agreement (SLA) or commitment (SLC).
  • The infrastructure is secure and fully compliant with all regulations.

One solution on the market is Integrately, who have over 900 applications integrated, including Marketing Cloud, using their Professional-Level pricing. This was a perfect, seamless solution for one of our clients who has a WordPress site using the Elementor page builder… one of our recommended WordPress plugins for business sites.

Set Up An Elementor Automation In Integrately

The first step is setting up an Elementor Automation in Integrately by searching for Elementor in the app search. In the case of Elementor, it’s an app that’s prominently featured right below the search bar:

Integrately Elmentor Forms

  1. After selecting Elementor Forms, you’ll want to select Marketing Cloud as your second app. Since this specific form is for a newsletter opt-in form, we are going to select the following automation:
    • When: Form is Submitted In Elementor Forms
    • Do: Insert data extension record in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Integrately Elementor Webhook to Marketing Cloud Data Extension

  1. Once you click Go >, Integrately will provide you with a unique URL to enter in Elementor. It should look something like this:

  1. Now, you can set up your Elementor form to post to that URL. Elementor forms have a webhook field. A webhook is a destination URL where data can be posted securely when a form is submitted. In this case, the Elementor App will provide you with a unique URL that you’ll enter in your webhook field on Elementor:

Elementor Form Webhook Field For Integrately

Tip: At this time, I would save a draft of your test page with the form on it until you can fully test it with Integrately and your Marketing Cloud integration.

Set Up An App In Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud has some of the best integration capabilities of any enterprise marketing platform, and its Platform Tools for building apps are really convenient in a case like this.

  1. In the top right-hand corner of Marketing Cloud, hit the dropdown on your user and select Setup.
  2. That will bring you to the Setup Tools screen.
  3. Navigate to Platform Tools > Apps > Installed Package.
  4. Click the New button on the top right of the list of packages.
  5. Name your New App Package and add a description. We called ours Integrately Elementor.
  6. Now that you have your Pakage setup, you’ll need to Add Component to enable your Web App API Integration and get your credentials.
  7. Enter a Destination URL (typically a confirmation page on your site or on Cloud Pages. The user will not be forwarded to that URL in this type of integration.
  8. Select Server-to-Server App as the Integration type.

Marketing Cloud Install Custom App - Server-To-Server

  1. Set your Server-To-Server Properties to ensure you can write to the contact fields.
  2. You’ll now be provided with all of the authentication information you need for your Integrately app. Of course, I’ve grayed out all details within this screenshot:

Set Up Marketing Cloud App In Integrately

Now, in Integrately you’ll set up your Marketing Cloud App connection details.

  1. Enter the Authentication Base URI.
  2. Enter the Client Id on your package.
  3. Enter the Client Secret on your package.
  4. Click Continue.

Integrately Connect Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  1. If set up correctly, you’ll be able to now set your fields and submit them.
  2. Modify your fields you are submitting.
  3. Map your submitted fields to your data extension fields.
  4. Optionally add any filters, conditions, or other apps.
  5. Optionally modify any field values that you wish to.
  6. Test and Turn on Your Integration!
  7. Submit a form submission from your Elementor Form and ensure that all data was processed and inserted properly in the appropriate data extension.

Tip: When your form is working correctly, I’d recommend saving it in Elementor as a template that you can embed on multiple pages of your site as well as within your footer. This way you avoid multiple versions that will requiring updating each time you make modifications to your integration.

Need Assistance Integrating WordPress Elementor and Marketing Cloud?

My firm, Highbridge, is a Salesforce Marketing Cloud partner and we have over a decade of experience building out custom integrations for the platform. As well, we have developed dozens of custom themes and plugins for the WordPress platform. If you need assistance:

Contact Highbridge

Disclosure: I am using my affiliate links in this article and I am a co-founder and partner in Highbridge.

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