Why You Should Invest in Infographics Immediately

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Our agency has developed well over 100 infographics and, by far, a powerful strategy that continues to prove successful for every client we’ve designed them for. We now do them for a number of agencies as well to extend their offerings to their clients.

Businesses that publish #infographics have 12% greater traffic volume. According to a study by Graphs.net

Infographics have benefits that go beyond the majority of content strategies:

  • Cognition – if designed and executed properly, infographics provide information in a format that’s easily consumable.
  • Virality – because it’s simply a large image, infographics are easily copied and shared throughout the web.
  • Search – when shared, they often generate highly relevant references back to the creator, increasing their domain authority with search engines.

Partnering with a great infographic agency is absolutely key to your success. A properly executed infographic requires research, story development, design, a call-to-action, and promotion to fully realize its potential. An infographic that’s well done can provide months or even years of highly relevant traffic to your site.

Make sure that the agency has experience in your industry. Our focus has been on highly technical or marketing-focused infographics. We have a fortunate advantage that we get to display them here on the Marketing Tech blog to extend their reach.

Order an Infographic Today!

Don’t take our word for it, the infographic experts at Neoman has designed and developed this infographic on why they work so well. Neoman produces fantastic infographics – be sure to check out their portfolio and click through on this infographic below to view the interactive version:


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