Is Domain Parking Worthwhile?

ParkingNo… or maybe not. Not for me, anyways.

What is Domain Parking? It's when you have a great idea for a domain name, you check to see if it's purchased. It's not… so you buy it. Instead of utilizing the domain for a website, you ‘park' it. Domain parking is a means of additional income and some of the largest owners of domain names make millions at it. There are two ways to make money with domain parking:

  1. People sometimes type in a URL rather than searching for it. If you happen to have the domain name, you can put applicable advertising on the landing page. If folks click on the advertising, you get paid by the advertiser.
  2. People want the domain name, so they make you an offer.

As I was reading an article today, it reminded me about a test of this business that I needed to report back on. Over a year ago, I read about a couple sites in Business 2.0 magazine that offered Domain Parking resources. At the time, Sedo was one of the domain parking companies that had no upfront charges. I wrote a blog post stating that I would give it a shot.

The domain name that I had the best luck with was After a year of having the domain parked, I had 93 hits that made $1.22 with no offers for the selling price of $2,500. Since I pay $14.95 per year for each renewal of the domain, that's a nice loss.

That was my best performing link.

Of course there are ways of making this actually work. If I had thousands of domain names parked with a registrar that offered me lower rates, I managed the advertising myself… possibly putting content on the sites with some behavioral advertising – I could turn a profit. If I made a dollar a year on each name, I could buy 100,000 names and make a tidy income. But I don't have the time to do that. As well, the best names have already been bought up so it would take a lot of time to simply wait on expired domains or a lot of money to try to purchase others that may turn a buck or two.

So, my domain parking career is almost over. My last shot will be to put my best domain up at Sedo for $39 to have it on the front page to see if I can find a buyer. I'll point the rest of my domains to this blog, which generates a much better click-through rate on its advertising than Sedo ($0.10 EPC). I'll let you know how it goes!


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    You’ve pointed out some of the real problems with domain parking” as it currently exists. You do need to have either a few high traffic domains or a number of domains that do a little better than paying for themselves.

    On the other hand, some of my domains regularly do better parked than they do with content and AdSense ads on them.

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    Domain Parking IS NOT WORKING, it just waste of time, unless you have 100+ 200+ good domain to try, register few domain and wish to get profit is a dream, don’t waste time

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    If a domain name is generating more revenue than the reg fee it is surely worth parking it. Find a 100 of this type of domain and you can generate a good income

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      Can’t resist commenting here about domainzaar.

      Oh dear. What a waste of money. Specifically my money, my $100.

      Thomas – or whatever his name is – was very helpful in exchanging emails when I was trying to pay BUT after downloading ….. hello anybody home??? Many emails both direct and through their website contact form. Nothing! No reply.

      What a bummer!

      This script is IMHO a waste of $100.

      There are free scripts available that actually work.

      Don’t waste your hard earned money sending it to domainzaar.

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    I bought from domainzaar last year, biggest mistake.

    I had a decent domain name ( and installed the domainzaar software on it, the next week, someone had hijacked my DNS and was pointing it to his website. DZ keeps the admin password in plaintext in a accessible text file.

    I asked te programmer to fix this, waited 2 months then dropped it.

    I’m now working to get a hosted solution for domain parking up, which can rapidly deploy a keyword based 5 page site within a minute or so, I’m thinking of how to charge for it, should I take % off the top? should i have a yearly fee for a limited number of domains? should i allow to have it as a downloadable product?

    these are things i ahve to ask myself, the coder is getting familiar with webapps aPI’s availible all over the net, I just need to design and market it.

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    Domain Zaar is a sham, a phony, and a mistake for anyone considering buying the product. The software does not work as described and there is no support. If you don’t mind parting with $99 go ahead and do it…your product will not work properly and will never hear anything from the Zaar Scam man again. Scam City.

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    Hi kids,

    All incorrect. Try and – need to get on their premium programs, though. Started a few years ago, now making 12,000/month take home, 23,000/mo gross.

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    Domain parking is for lazy people who cannot get to making automated microsites for their domain names. Cons of domain parking is that you earn only 30% of your potential and that you’re not building the age factor for your domains.

    Douglas, thank you for this discussion. A small advice, if you don’t mind: change your registrar. I never pay more than $8 to $9 for renewals. $14.95 is way too high, way too high!!! You could easily be saving $6 on each domain name. Sounds like beans for one domain but give it a quick calculation if you got, say, 100 or 1000 domain names… Many domainers are throwing new cars and luxury holidays at their expensive registrars 🙁

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    This is the most ridiculous blog post about domaining and domain parking I’ve read in a long time. Domain parking has its faults and is losing lustre with each passing year but really good generic domain names are still making their owners good money (that is hundreds to thousands of dollars a day unlike your foolish example of a dollar per 100,000 domain names which would be a huge loss when you factor in renewal fees.) And to base your opinion on dabbling in domain waters with really bad domain names that a real domainer would never bother to own let alone park is another mistake. If anything, and any domainer would tell you, you’d have a better possibility of monetizing and/or flipping your domain by developing it. Only certain types of generic domain names do well while being parked and is not one of them. It is better to compare apples to apples instead of comparing apples to broccoli. Just sayin’

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      Wow – not sure I deserved the prize for ‘most riduculous blog post’. I agree with you, actually. I just said it’s not for me and I supplied some supporting documentation. Other folks may find it to be quite a profitable enterprise… just not me.

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