Landing Page Videos Increase Conversions 130%

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There have already been some compelling statistics that video increases conversion rates on emails by 200% to 300%. Video is beginning to play a major role across all marketing channels. Imavex is a web development firm named one of the top search engine marketing companies in the country.

I was speaking to Ryan Mull and he mentioned that they have noticed a marked improvement in their clients’ pay-per-click conversion rates when they include high quality videos on the landing page.

The good news is, the data is pretty clear, and the dataset is large enough to show real results. By adding video to a SEM/PPC landing page, the client saw a 130.5% increase in leads generated from the campaign. per Ryan Mull, Imavex

Imavex has rolled out a video hosting platform, Streamotor, that they are utilizing to host and serve these high quality videos.

Costs for a nicely mixed web-based videos can vary in pricing. There are quite a few local video resources that can do videos for under $1,000 each. More professional videos can cost $2,500 and up – but if you’re increasing conversions by 130%, it doesn’t take much to realize a positive return on investment!


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    It’s sad, but true from what I’ve seen.

    Even size, aspect ratio, and placement on the site makes a difference…err, so I’m told

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    Can you share some of the ‘local video resources’ that you mention? I’m looking to do more video that can’t find the right vendors.

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    Great post!

    I work for a Toronto-based explainer video agency called LaunchSpark Video, and we’ve found that not only has video helped increase sales for our clients, but it has also served as a great tool for their lead generation strategy in general. Many of our clients have used their explainer videos at trade shows and presentations as well, and by offering audiences a quick overview of their product/service, it turned those viewers into leads. The ability to easily and effectively implement video in multiple channels is just another thing that makes it such a great marketing tool!

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