LinkTiger: Find Broken Outbound Links in Your Site


The web is constantly moving and changing. Sites get shut down, sold, migrated, and upgraded all the time. A site like Martech has accumulated over 40,000 outbound links on our site over its lifetime… but many of those links don’t work anymore. That’s a problem for a few reasons:

  • Internal resources like images that are no longer found can slow the loading of a page down. Pageload times impact bounce rates, conversions and search engine optimization.
  • An outbound link that no longer exists is frustrating to the visitor, so they are less likely to visit your site if the links aren’t maintained and useful.
  • Less reputable sites aren’t shared as much and aren’t referenced as much; as a result, impacting your overall authority and ability for your content to rank and be shared.

For the last year or so, we’ve been utilizing LinkTiger to crawl our site and give us daily reports on problematic links within our site:

It’s not the highest priority for us to correct these links, but it is an ongoing effort. Each day we get the report and edit a few posts with broken outbound links. Over time, we’ve corrected hundreds of posts with thousands of broken links. We can not decide whether it’s having a direct impact on our search engine optimization, but over time we’ve continued to see improvements on all our efforts so it’s not something we’re going to stop doing.

Additionally, it’s just a nice thing to do for our visitors!

Note: We are an affiliate now of LinkTiger.