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Mobile Gaming Marketing at a Glance, the Best Learnings from Operators

A decade in and smartphones have well and truly taken over. Data shows that by 2018, there will be 2.53 billion smartphone users around the world. The average user has 27 apps on their device.

How do businesses cut through the noise when there is so much competition? The answer lies in a data-led approach to app marketing and understanding the learnings from mobile marketers who are killing it in their fields.

The gaming sector, now a maturing mobile market is recording incredible success. Thanks to advances in coverage and improvements in mobile connectivity, data analysis, UX and mobile marketing, global gaming revenue hit $91 billion at the end of 2016. Gaming operators know that acquisition is important, but marketing budgets are better spent on retention campaigns on mobile. They give more bang for your buck. Our Mobile iGaming Insights report outlines some of the key tactics for boosting retention on mobile.

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Gaming companies focus on specific mobile acquisition models, powerful customer journeys, triggering based on player activity and automation of the processes involved. Betting and gaming operators are only too aware of utilising the best channels for their players at their most receptive times. From in-app to push notifications, triggers to individualisation, iGaming operators are winning the mobile war.

At Element Wave we work with some of the biggest betting and gaming operators in Europe. We’ve delivered half a billion mobile marketing messages and analysed countless app events. Our mobile iGaming Insights guide is available free for mobile marketers to learn from.

Mobile iGaming Insights Guide

The guide takes an in-depth look at real-time and pre-match player behaviour on apps. A data-driven approach to individualisation based on player behaviour delivers engaging mobile experiences.

Our report focuses on results from thousands of in-app messages, push notifications and player behaviours across sportsbook and casino apps.

The data shows clear trends and predictable results in registration journeys. Sometimes the registration process on mobile is clunky or complicated. It can be a challenge for players to complete. Our report outlines the number of players who complete registration and then churn, with tips to prevent it.

Player activity and bonus claim rates give a clear sign of the success or failure of mobile marketing efforts. Knowing when your users drop-off and wherein the process helps to adjust your strategy to make it work better.

Real-time is the silver bullet for iGaming and we propose that it’s simply a matter of time, before it becomes the standard for all verticals. Real-time triggers based on what the user is doing right now, real-time contextual messaging and real-time analysis lead to increases in engagement and retention. Like with social and second-screening, there is an inherent link between betting and gaming operators and apps thanks to the real-time nature of sports. The same can be said across all verticals.

The evolution of smartphones means iGaming operators have had a lot of changes to make. Where once players went to the bookies, now they can bet from the comfort of an armchair, at the bar watching the game, on their commute or even in the bathroom! The breadth of data now available is mind-blowing: from location, language and device level, to betting history, app event usage, and gambling preferences. This level of data and the utilisation of this data gives iGaming operators the edge over a lot of businesses in other verticals.

Mobile Gaming Insights

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Element Wave builds real-time marketing automation for sports betting, to increase mobile in-play transactions by up to 10X. Based in Galway, Ireland Element Wave provides next-generation technology and expert managed services to the betting and gaming industries.

Cáit Power

Cáit Power is Mobile CRM Team Lead for Element Wave, where they make incredible technology that powers mobile marketing automation. Cait’s background is in mobile marketing, journalism, and travel.

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