5 Statistics Proving Mobile Sales Tools are Dramatically Improving Performance

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We’ve been working with a mobile and tablet-app driven sales enablement platform to assist in their inbound marketing efforts. It’s a remarkable technology that’s had exceptional growth in the last year.

Sales agents were tired of searching and scouring for sales collateral, tired of the disconnect between marketing production and sales’ needs, tired of data entry when they sent the collateral to the prospect. FatStax centralizes collateral of all mediums and types into a online or offline platform that your sales staff can run from an iPad or iPhone.

Recently, a sales representative shared how she showed up to the clients’ showroom where no boardroom, no projector, and no Internet connection was available. Prior to FatStax, she would have had to reschedule or relocate the meeting. Instead, she pulled up their custom application on her iPad, shared a video, sent the collateral via the app, and triggered a nurturing campaign via their CRM and marketing automation integration. Sold.

The increase in sales performance isn’t limited to FatStax. Mobile Sales tools are transforming the sales process and enabling and accelerating sales with the companies deploying them. The return on investment is virtually instantaneous:

  • 60% of high-performing sales teams use a mobile #sales app, doubling performance
  • 70% of #mobile-enabled #sales teams report a positive return on their investment
  • 83% of salespeople say mobile sales tools make their company look cutting edge
  • There will be a 125% increase in mobile sales app use in the next 2 years
  • Top performers utilize mobile sales technology 3 times more than underperformers

Check out the complete infographic that proves the investment on mobile sales tools.

Mobile Sales Tools

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    I wish I was allowed to work more hours, and given more tools to get more sales, but I can understand budget cuts. Will try out these tools though

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