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Notify: Increase Conversions through Social Proof

Anyone who works in the ecommerce space will tell you that the largest factor in overcoming a purchase isn’t price, it’s trust. Buying from a new shopping site takes a leap of faith from a consumer who has never purchased from the site previously.

Trust indicators like extended SSL, third-party security monitoring, and ratings and reviews are all critical on commerce sites because they provide the shopper with a sense that they’re working with a good company that will deliver on their promise. There’s more that you can do, though!

Notify is the online equivalent of a busy retail store, delivering social proof to everyone who visits your site. This social proof can often boost conversions by 40 to ­200%, which is a game changer for any online store. Here’s a screenshot of the notify display on an active store:


By displaying sales as they’re happening on your site, you have three advantages over your competitors:

  • Create a Sense of Urgency – Notify displays orders as they happen, making your store an exciting live environment and prompting buyer action.
  • Customers Feel Part of the Crowd – Notify displays are like real-time testimonials for your store – seeing other’s buy builds instant confidence.
  • Social Proof + Credibility – Potential customers see purchases being made by others – giving credibility to your store and building trust with the user.

Notify is currently available for Shopify and BigCommerce sites. Once you sign up, you can customize how your display looks:


And you can even adjust what’s displayed within the notify display:


You can observe how your Notify messages are impacting your sales. One testimonial of Notify shared that within a month he had seen 16 transactions directly attributed to the app with above average order sizes, resulting in over $1,500 in additional revenue. That’s a fantastic return on investment for a tool that costs $14.99 a month!

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Disclosure: We are an affiliate of Notify.

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