OneLocal: A Suite of Marketing Tools for Local Businesses


OneLocal is a suite of marketing tools designed for local businesses to get more customer walk-ins, referrals, and – ultimately – to grow revenue. The platform is focused on any type of regional service company, spanning the automotive, health, wellness, home services, insurance, real estate, salon, spa, or retail industries. OneLocal provides a suite to attract, retain, and promote your small business, with tools for every part of the customer journey.

OneLocal’s cloud-based tools help you provide best-in-class experiences, connecting you with customers in a more meaningful way. Each tool is designed to work independently, but when connected together, they offer full-automation to drive revenue growth & save you time. There’s no infrastructure or setup time required, simply login and watch OneLocal work for your business.

The OneLocal Suite of Products includes:

  • ReviewEdge – collect and centralize your customer feedback and generate more online reviews.


  • ReferralMagic – leverage word-of-mouth marketing, reduce marketing expenses and grow revenue.


  • ContactHub – a small business CRM to help you build, manage, and monetize your contacts.


  • SmartRequest – ecommerce platform to get customers to purchase directly from your website.


  • LoyaltyPerks – a customer loyalty program to help you better retain customers and drive more revenue from them.


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