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What’s the point of content marketing?

Is it just about developing great content and promoting it across multiple channels to get the attention of your audience?

Well that’s the biggest part. But content marketing is much more than that. If you limit your approach to those basics, you’ll check the analytics and you’ll realize that the content hasn’t attracted significant traffic. 

ClearVoice surveyed 1,000 marketers to find out what the biggest content challenges were. The list of greatest challenges included content quality, creating and scaling content, but it went further. 

Time, in particular, was the biggest challenge. But marketers also struggled with generating ideas, talent, distribution, strategy, engagement, and consistency. When all these factors are placed in a limited timeframe, we get to a problem.  

Top Content Marketing Challenges - ClearVoice

So we see that content marketing, in its essence, is more complicated than most of us expect. You need to get into an efficiency-driven mindset to accomplish all goals within the time limits you set. 

The right tools help with that! 

9 Content Marketing Tools to Help You Overcome Time Constraints

Meet Edgar – You want to be focused on developing great blog content. If someone (or something) could take care of the distribution part, you’d gain a lot of time to focus on your next posts. Edgar is the helpful tool you need. You’ll schedule the posts in its system, and then Edgar will automatically write status updates for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. The tool is great for recycling evergreen content. That will ensure your brand to stay relevant even when you’re not producing new content as frequently as you’d like to.

Meet Edgar

Quora – When you lack ideas for topics to write on, the writer’s block can consume too much time. Where do you get these ideas? You could see what your competitors write about, but you don’t want to copy them. Here’s a better option: see what your target audience wonders about. 

Check the questions in the relevant Quora category, and you’ll immediately get few topic ideas.


Pablo – The visual elements of your content matter a lot. You’ll need different graphics or images for Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, and all other channels you target. 

With Pablo, that part of your job is easy. You can create beautiful visuals for each post. There are over 50K images in the library, so you can easily find one that fits your content. Then, you can customize them with quotes from the post, and choose a proper size for different social media networks.


Hemingway App – Editing takes a lot of time, doesn’t it? Once you’re done writing a blog post, you = want to quickly go through it and get it published. But you have to pay more attention to the editing stage; otherwise you risk publishing incomplete drafts with confusing style. 

Hemingway App makes this part of your job as easy as it gets. It will catch grammar and spelling errors. But that’s not all. The tool will also warn you about complexity, adverbs, and other elements that dilute the message. 

Just follow the recommendations and make your content easier to read. 

Hemingway Editor App

ProEssayWriting – The above-listed tools help you handle different aspects of your content marketing campaign, but what about the writing part? You know you can’t really rely on software when it comes to that. 

But at one point or another, you might get stuck. You have a well-planned content schedule but you can’t manage to write all posts on time. Maybe you’re in the middle of a writer’s block. Maybe it’s just life happening and you have to put the writing on a break. 

In such a situation, a professional writing service can help a lot. ProEssayWriting is a platform where you can hire expert writers from different categories. You’ll give them the instructions and they will deliver 100% unique content by your deadline. 


Best Essays – Best Essays is another highly reputable content writing service. You can order a blog post on any topic, given the fact that the company hires writers from different areas of study. Best Essays is great for high-quality white papers and eBooks, but you can also get simpler pieces of content whenever you need them. 

This service lets you set really short deadlines (from 10 days to 3 hours), and you get a guarantee for timely delivery.

Best Essays Content Writing Service

Superior Papers – If you plan to delegate the content writing part on the long term, Superior Papers is a great option. When you choose Ruby or Diamond membership, you’ll be getting discounts on a regular basis. Plus, you’ll get to work with the best writers from the team. 

If you start collaborating with a particular writer and you like what you get, you can hire the same expert again. 

In addition to writing help, Superior Papers also offers professional editing services. 

Superior Papers Content Writing Services

Brill Assignment Writing Service – This is a British writing service. If your blog aims at the British audience, an American writer won’t quite get the style. In that case, Brill Assignment is the best choice. 

The writers deliver top-quality content on all kinds of topics. In addition to blog posts, you can also order case studies, PowerPoint presentations, graphic design projects, and more.

Brill Assignment Writing Services

Australian Writings – Australian Writings is a writing agency similar to the few others we mentioned above. The difference, as the name itself implies, is that it targets the Aussie market. So if you need writers from this country to hit the right style, that’s where you’ll find them. 

The prices are already affordable, but the company also gives great discounts for regular users. 

Australian Writings Service

Saving time is a big deal. When you make your content marketing campaign more productive, you’ll start gaining traffic and convincing the audience to take action. Hopefully, the tools listed above will help you get there.   

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