Prepurchase Habits of Shoppers

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Today's consumers have developed unique pre-purchase behaviors – even when shopping locally. The use of mobile applications and the mobile web prior to a purchase offline is growing in popularity. Consumers are finding places to shop, reading reviews, looking for deals and researching the product. The great news for retailers is that shopping in-person is still essential.

Personally, I tend to research online and purchase online… unless I'm anxious to get the product in my hands immediately. I hate shopping, though, so I might be a bit different than other folks. One thing I've found as well is that shopping online doesn't necessarily save me any money. Often, I find I pay more online than offline.

prepurchase ecommerce habits

Infographic from Milo. Milo is local shopping made easy. Milo searches local store shelves in real-time to find the best prices and availability for the products you want to have—right now.

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