The Importance Of Collaboration For Marketers In Lockdown

Remote Marketing Team Collaboration with pCloud

A study of marketers and CEOs over the summer found that just five per cent had found no positives to life in lockdown – and not a single person said they had failed to learn a thing during that time.

And with a perceived pent-up demand for marketing activity after the spring lockdown, it is just as well.

For xPlora, a marketing and digital agency based in Sofia, Bulgaria, the ability to share design files and other visual assets with staff and prospects has proved vital.

Being a digital agency, secure, and 24/7 access to visual assets is key for our team. pCloud is fully compliant with the security requirements that we have implemented to meet the requirements of our local and multinational clients.

Georgi Malchev, xPlora Managing Partner

The xPlora team now use pCloud, one of Europe’s fastest-growing cloud storage and file-sharing platforms. With international clients, lockdown provided a particular challenge.

But how should marketing teams share important – and often large – files in order to operate at maximum capacity in a world where Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc? There are three golden rules to retain business continuity while embracing remote and hybrid working:

Staying Connected

Staying connected and working cohesively with colleagues from home can prove difficult, and things once so simple as showing one another work documents, became a more arduous task. The ability to work collaboratively on documents, visuals and audio files as easily as you would within an office environment is the key to success. 

Around 60% of the British public have been working from home since the coronavirus lockdown, with 26% deciding to continue working from home occasionally, once safe to do so. Even when normality restores, there will still be a need to stay connected to colleagues who are not in the office regularly and decide to occasionally work from home.  It’s become essential to have the right collaboration tools at everyone’s disposal.

Focus On File Security

It is important in such uncertain times that everyone feels a sense of security when collaborating on documents.  This includes giving customers reassurance as well as employees. Only military-grade security allows true peace of mind and reassurance, so it’s vital that business owners and those onboarding new technologies do their homework. At pCloud, we wanted to also go a step further and let users decide whether they would like to store their information within Europe or the United States, allowing them to tailor where their files are stored depending on personal preference. 

Easy To Use

Ease of use is perhaps the biggest demand for cloud storage providers. What businesses don’t need is another complicated set of systems and processes to learn. A solution that is suitable for all skillsets is of critical importance.

It is predicted that by the end of 2020, 83% of workloads will be in the cloud, only highlighting the importance of staying connected when sharing ideas and developing marketing strategies, and creating a collaborative working environment. For marketing agencies, Covid-19 has provided an opportunity to get the right systems and processes to meet the ‘future of work’. It’s an opportunity they cannot afford to miss.

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