The Importance of Phone Calls in the Customer Journey

phone calls customer journey

One of the features we’re launching with our agency directory is click to call. And recently, we hired a virtual assistant for our own agency. What we’ve become painfully aware of is that some prospects and businesses simply won’t do business unless they can pick up the phone and dial the business.

Aside from availability, the other issue is simply convenience. More and more people are utilizing mobile devices to research and find the businesses they wish to connect with. The ability to simply connect right there is all to convenient. If you don’t have it and your competitors do, they’re probably going to get the call and you won’t. That’s not a theory – Invoca’s data shows that phone calls resulted in a 30% to 50% conversion rate while clicks resulted in 2%.

Invoca analyzed more than 32 million calls across more than 40 industries that came through its system last year, and proved out a theory that’s impacting all marketers today: increased mobile use is driving more than just digital interactions on a tiny screen – mobile is driving lots of calls to businesses.

Invoca analyzed over 32 million calls across industries to find out how phone calls impact digital marketing. Check out Invoca’s infographic to learn more about the importance of calls in the customer journey, popular digital channels driving calls, and interesting caller trends. You can also find even more amazing stats, insights, and helpful tips like these in the 2015 Call Intelligence Index.

Key statistics released in this infographic:

  • Customers love to call when they want to make a purchase. 61% of mobile searchers say click-to-call is most valuable in the purchase phase.
  • Customers love to call when they need assistance. 75% of consumers say a phone call is the quickest way to get a response.
  • Customers love to call when they use mobile search. 51% say they always or frequently need to call a business from a mobile search ad.

Impact of Phone Calls on the Customer Journey

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