Placeit: Build Your Product Mockup With The Largest Photo and Video Library Online For Digital Mockups

PlaceIt: Build Your Product Mockup With The Largest Photo and Video Library Online For Digital Mockups

Not every marketing department can afford a photoshoot of users holding a mobile phone with their app or at a desk navigating their SaaS platform. The answer, of course, is to download a mockup and then superimpose a screenshot from your mobile or desktop app on top of it.

If you’re not a seasoned Photoshop designer, mocking up a beautiful photo with your mobile application or a screenshot of your digital platform can be time-consuming and difficult. Everything from adjusting the right screen glare, shadows, coloring, etc. needs to be done so that your photo doesn’t appear fake and turn away your potential users.

Placeit: Build Mockups Online

Whether you’re looking to build a mockup for a smartwatch, smartphone, desktop… or even a Facebook or Instagram screen, Placeit has the largest media mockup library online. And best of all, it’s combined with an online builder to output a perfect photo or video customized with your screen.

Here’s a video that I produced with their online builder in minutes. I utilized Google Chrome to take a perfect-sized screenshot of Martech Zone, uploaded it to Placeit, and they outputted this video. Side note… if you pay for the service, you get a higher resolution video with no watermark.

Additional Mockups Available

While I appreciate the digital product mockups and simple builder, the site offers a ton of other mockups, including book & magazine mockups, transparent background mockups, clothing mockups (that automatically adjust for the apparel layout), signage mockups, mug mockups, flyer mockups, and virtually every other print-on-demand (POD) product.

Every image has the dimensions that your uploaded image should be optimized for and it automatically is cropped, distorted, shadowed, and placed on the target:

Product Mockup Before

Product Mockup After

Pricing is quite affordable and differentiated between an unlimited subscription that’s under $10 per month or you can just pay per asset created. The best part is that you can use their builder and create your product mockup before you have to subscribe or pay.

Give it a try now!

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Disclosure: I’m an affiliate for Placeit and I’m using their affiliate links in this post.


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    Hi Douglas,

    CEO of placeit here… For bloggers – you can use the free license without any limits at all. You’re not looking at the right license for your use case.

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      Thanks @navidash:disqus. I wasn’t referring to use for bloggers, I was referring to commercial use. Still less expensive for me to have an entire photoshoot with a professional photographer.

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