My Problems with Project Management Software


Sometimes I wonder if folks that develop project solutions actually use them. Within the marketing space, project management software is a must – keeping track of ads, posts, videos, whitepapers, use case scenarios and other projects is a huge issue.

The problem that we seem to run into with all project management software is the hierarchy of the application. Projects are the top of the hierarchy, then teams, then assets tasks and deadlines. That’s not how we work nowadays… especially marketers. Our agency is easily juggling 30+ projects on a daily basis. Each team member is probably juggling up to a dozen.

This is how Project Management Software consistently works:

Here are three scenarios I can’t seem to ever do with our Project Management software:

  1. Client/Project Prioritization – client deadlines change all the time and the importance of each client may differ. I wish I could increase or decrease the importance of a client and have a system that changed the task prioritization for the members who work across projects accordingly.
  2. Task Prioritization – I should be able to click on a member of the Project Management software and see ALL of their tasks across ALL of their projects and then adjust the prioritization on a personal basis.
  3. Asset Sharing – We often develop one solution for a client and then use it across clients. Currently, that requires us to share it within each project. It’s crazy that I can’t share a chunk of code across projects and clients.

This is the reality of how we actually work:

We’ve actually experimented with developing a task manager outside our project manager to handle some of this stuff, but never seem to have the time to finish the tool. The more we work on it, the more I wonder why we wouldn’t just develop our own project management software altogether. Anyone know of a solution that works closer to the way projects and marketers actually do?