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Tungle Some Time off Your Work Week

This week has been a whirlwind of conference calls and meetings as I launch DK New Media. I’ve circled Indianapolis in my car about 3 times, worked 12 hour days each day, and been on the phone and in my calendar non-stop. I’ve double-booked two meetings in the meantime… ugh.

Setting up meetings with a couple of my contacts has been nothing short of aggravating. When I’m busy, they aren’t…. when I can meet, they’re booked. Arrgh! There has to be a tool to make this easier…

Then I received an email from Michael Reynolds, President of SpinWeb, an Indianapolis Interactive Marketing firm. Rather than asking my availability, he curiously said… “Feel free to Tungle me for a time that’s convenient.” Tungle? What’s a Tungle?

Tungle accelerates your calendar making it easy to schedule meetings, publish your free/busy schedule and share calendars across companies and platforms. Tungle handles everything from time zones to double bookings, and people you invite to meetings do not have to sign up to reply.

I signed up and after a couple minutes my Google Calendar was sync’d up and ready to Tungle! The nice part of Tungle is that it keeps your appointment information confidential – visitors can see when you’re busy and when your schedule is open – but they don’t have insight into what you’re doing.

This is going to be a great timesaver… thanks to Michael for introducing me to the service! Setting up some possible times with Michael was even easier! The system overlays your calendars and allows you to “paint” options for meeting times.

I didn’t even have to go back to my calendar to do any scheduling – it was all simply done from the Tungle interface!

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    Thanks for the great tip on Tungle. I've been using it a few days now and it is superb! I work from seven different Google calendars for my biz, family, school, church, HOA and other organizations and I get many calls, emails and SMS for people wanting to know if I'm available to meet. As I get the word out to all this should be a huge time saver for me and hopefully them.

    BTW — there is a Ning app for this but it has a bug in it that the Tungle tech guys are working on now. They claim it will be fixed in a few days.

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