The Winning Combo of Product, Choice, and Emotion

jellyvision ebookThe Jellyvision Lab has put out an amazing little eBook on How to Present Product Choices. The ebook compares the behaviors of shoppers in supermarkets to those online and provides evidence that behaviors are similar.

You might think that a supermarket is enormous, but Jellyvision reminds us that there’s an infinite amount of space on the web, and how you present your products and services can make all the difference. Here are the lessons learned (content quoted and paraphrased from the eBook):

  • More Products, Happier Customers – If you try to have a site that pleases everyone, you’ll create something that no one loves. Create for different segments to get liked by each segment. Market the right product to the right customers. Resource: The Ketchup Conundrum.
  • But… More choices, Fewer Sales – Too many choices on the same page will confuse visitors and they will leave. Provide them with categories and filters so they can hide what they don’t need.
  • No Emotion, No Decisions – Without emotions, the brain just analyzes and compares, analyzes and compares, analyzes and compares without getting to a conclusion – you become pathologically indecisive. Emotions are what actually enable you to decide between different options.

The eBook goes into much more detail and brings all the conclusions back together. Download it when you get the opportunity and be sure to follow the Jellyvision blog, The Conversationalist.

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    Not being a fan of Ketchup I found The Ketchup Conundrum a strangely interesting read. It seems there is a marketing lesson in there somewhere.

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