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Reply Sales Engagement Platform

No one would argue that LinkedIn is the most complete business-based social networking platform on the planet. In fact, I haven’t looked at an attached resume for a candidate nor updated my own resume in a decade since using LinkedIn. LinkedIn not only allows me to see everything a resume does, but I can also research the candidate’s network and see who they worked with and for – then contact those people to find out more.

Of course, it’s not just a resource for job candidates nor contractors… it’s also the most comprehensive database on the planet for mining partners and prospects as well, especially if you’re deploying an Account-Based Marketing strategy.

Reply Sales Engagement

Reply is a multichannel sales engagement platform that automates personal email outreach, calls, and tasks, while Sales can focus on what really matters – closing deals. Here’s a great overview video:

Reply Features Include

Reply enables you to find quality prospects for your LinkedIn outreach campaigns from Salesforce, Hubspot, Copper CRM, as well as dozens of data providers via native integrations and third-party services.

  • LinkedIn Chrome Extension – Discover prospects’ business emails on LinkedIn and ramp up your productivity with Reply Chrome Extension. Your daily tasks and the ability to connect via LinkedIn, emails and voice are always within reach.

LinkedIn Chrome Extension

  • Multichannel Sales Sequencing – Engage with your prospects via multiple channels – send personal emails and follow-ups, make calls, fulfill daily tasks, connect and reach out to your prospects automatically on LinkedIn.

Multichannel Sales Sequencing

  • Sales Productivity – Ramp up your productivity with daily tasks and the ability to connect via LinkedIn, email, voice, and social. Log activity, and natively connect to your CRM, Zapier, or via API integration.

Sales productivity tasks

  • Sales Contact Management – Manage prospective customers with ease – segment your prospects according to a myriad of criteria to keep your outreach organized. Import or add contacts, segment contacts, filter contacts, review their sequence history and activity, as well as blacklisting for domains and contacts.

Reply Sales Prospect Contact Management

  • Sales Cloud Calls – Connect with your prospect on the phone right from your Reply account and Chrome extension. Implement voice into your sales communications with Cloud Calls.

Sales cloud calls

  • Smart Sales Features – Leverage Reply’s AI-backed features to engage with your prospects better and faster – including inbox email categorization, quality check, and suggestions, suggested actions and suggested calls for hot prospects.

Reply Smart Sales Prioritization Features

  • Sales Team Edition – Collaborate on campaigns and prospects, manage team members, share email and campaign templates, track team performance and more with the Reply Team Edition.

Reply Sales Team Edition

  • Sales Reports and Analytics – Track your sequence progress and analyze your team results with Reply’s detailed reporting on the sequence, team results, call recording, and call listening along with export capabilities.

Reply Sales Engagement Reports and Analytics

  • Reply Improvement Tools – Tune your messaging to reach peak performance – Reply has a set of improvement tools to help you get better results, including email quality, A/B testing, sequence templates, and outbox sending schedules.

Reply Sales Improvement Tools

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