RudderStack: Build Your Own Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Rudderstack Cloud CDP

RudderStack helps data engineering teams capture more value from customer data, with a Customer Data Platform (CDP) designed specifically for developers. RudderStack collects a company’s data from every customer touchpoint – including web, mobile, and backend systems – and sends it in real-time to over 50 cloud-based destinations and any major data warehouse. By unifying and analyzing their customer data in a privacy- and security-conscious way, companies are then able to turn it into business actions across all their functions.

Traditional CDPs have tried to solve for data collection and activation, but unfortunately, most of them make the problem worse by creating additional data silos and integration gaps. Data engineers often find themselves stuck in the middle, only partially leveraging the power of tools like Snowflake and DBT because other components of the stack don’t integrate with their larger data workflow. 

RudderStack puts developers, their preferred tools, and modern architectures front and center, helping data engineers and their companies discover powerful new opportunities in the way they connect these critical systems and put them to work across the organization. 

RudderStack Cloud: A New Approach To Your Customer Data Stack

One of the first companies to migrate to RudderStack Cloud is Mattermost, an open-source messaging and collaboration platform built for high-trust environments. The company handles massive volumes of data generated by its enterprise customers and has built its CDP infrastructure on modern tooling, including Snowflake, DBT, and RudderStack Cloud. 

With RudderStack Cloud, we’ve removed restrictions on event volume and can send all of the data we want to Snowflake. We can analyze and act on all of that important customer data, and ultimately become a more data-driven business.”

Alex Dovenmuehle, Head of Data Engineering, Mattermost

RudderStack Cloud makes it easy for data engineers to collect, validate, transform, and route customer data to their warehouse, real-time streaming services, and the cloud applications used by teams across the company. Highlights include:

  • Modern Cloud – Built on Kubernetes for the cloud-native world, focused on extreme scale and fault tolerance, with open source foundations, privacy-first architecture, and developer-focused tooling to make it easy to integrate the product into your existing stack, while maintaining the ease of use that comes with cloud SaaS. 
  • Data Warehouse Centric – RudderStack Cloud allows you to turn your warehouse into a CDP with features like configurable, near-real-time sync, and SQL as a Source, which turns your warehouse into a RudderStack Source.
  • Developer First – RudderStack believes that the customer data stack should be owned by the engineering team, which is why our product is always developer-first and integrates with the tools they already use and love. 

RudderStack Cloud is the most efficient, affordable and sophisticated customer data product for developers.

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