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There are a ton of audit tools out on the web and we’ve tested, used and even charged for. Unfortunately, I’ve found most of them lacking – based on older search engine optimization advice. This tool we’ve integrated in our site is totally free and can provide you with some insight into how your page is optimized for a specific keyword. Don’t go too crazy on rewriting and redesigning your page, though, I doubt the effort between a score of 80% and 100% is going to get you too far.

The report provides input on speed, your URL structure, title tag, description tag, images, headings, page copy, code, social media, mobile, backlinks, backlinks to your domain, and your information about your domain. One great option is to add a competing web page onto the report to see why they may be winning search and you’re not.

You should be primarily focused on the value of the content you’re writing, ensuring it’s frequent, recent, and relevant to your audience. Utilizing imagery – especially infographics – will drive comprehension and sharing. Utilizing video will help digestion of difficult topics. Search engine optimization isn’t about tweaking keywords on a page anymore, it’s about building content authority that drives relevant traffic and conversions. I’m not saying to ignore what’s in the report – just use it judiciously and contact us if you believe you need additional assistance.

So here’s our free audit – we hope you like it! You’ll get a PDF version of the report via email and you’ll be signed up for our newsletter! We first crawl your site, then produce the report. Don’t shut down the page – it will take a minute or so to compile and present the information. It may look like the page stopped – it didn’t. Hang in there and you’ll appreciate the findings.

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Motivational Map: Talking your C-suite into Channel Incentive Technology

Motivational Map: Talking your C-suite into Channel Incentive Technology

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