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ShortStack: Facebook Pages Made Easy

Shortstack is an affordable Facebook App and Contest platform for designers, small businesses and agencies. While some platforms for creating Facebook campaigns cost thousands of dollars, Shortstack’s starts with free plans and move all the way up to an unlimited plan that’s only $300 per month!

Some of the impressive features of Shortstack:

  • Create apps that work anywhere. Mobile. Social. Web. – More than half of Facebook users access their accounts from their mobile devices, and Shortstack has your mobile users in mind. Our “Smart URLs” detect whether your fans are visiting your Page via their computer or mobile device, then direct them to the approprate version of your app.
  • Sharing, Commenting and Interactions – In Social Media, engagement is the name of the game, and Shortstack has plenty of ways for you to boost fan engagement. Conduct a polls, collect data, create shareable content, run contests and sweepstakes, even add Facebook features such as Comments and Like Buttons directly into your Page Apps.
  • Want to drive up your fan count? With Shortstack you can encourage your visitors to “Like” your Page by hiding the most exciting parts of an app from non-fans, like contests and sweepstakes. Once they Like your Page, the content is instantly revealed. Best of all, fan gates can be created with the click of a button.
  • Track ROI with detailed analytics Keep track of shares, video plays, form submissions, app views, “Like” growth, Widget interactions, and more with Shortstack analytics. All analytics data can be exported as .CSV data for hard-core number crunching. Analytics available at our “Full Stack” plan and above
  • White label (no Shortstack branding) – Your clients never have to know you use Shortstack to create their applications. If you’re on one of our paid plans, all the apps you install come without Shortstack branding of any kind, making Shortstack our little secret. Apps are served from a generic domain, and you can control all branding of the finished product, including app names to icons.
  • Templates and ThemesShortstack offers more than 60 Templates and more than 70 Themes that look great and fit your needs. Whether you’re designing for a coffee shop, car dealership, or restaurant, or you want to run a giveaway, show off your products, or display your latest tweets, we’ve got a template for you. Best of all, every template is fully customizable, and we’re always thinking up new ones.

This was a great find in bizMarketing Magazine. PS: That’s our affiliate link for Shortstack in there!

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