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Believe it or not, it's not always Marketing, Blogs, Viral Messaging, etc. Sometimes it's simply great customer service. I have a Fossil watch that is near and dear to me because my kids bought it for me one birthday. I hope it lasts forever. The battery lasts for a year or two. My battery ran out a couple days ago but I kept wearing the watch. Sounds kind of dumb but I did it because when I look at it I think about my kids… and if I kept looking at the watch stopped, I'd remember to get a battery.

Downstairs from my work is Windsor Jewelers (West side of Meridian just South of the Circle). I had never stepped foot in there (hey… I'm a single 38 year old Dad, what do I need jewelry for?) but decided to see if they would install the battery for me.

As I walked in the front door, a sweet woman approached and asked if she could help me. I told her about the watch and she took it from me and handed it to me to a watch technician (?) that had an office right there in the store. Within minutes (seriously), he popped a new battery in, set the time, cleaned the watch, and handed it back to me. He wore one of those cool jeweler glasses and literally moved so fast I could barely see how he had done it. I just had time to read an article posted on the wall which boasted that folks that have moved from Indianapolis still only trust Windsor to fix their clocks and watches. I have no doubt.

Marketing may get you business, but great customer service will never fail in keeping it.

Within minutes I paid the fee (a big ‘ol $9, battery included) and walked out of the shop. The woman that had greated me asked me to come back soon. Wow.

Windsor Jewelers

I'm not sure when I'll be in the need for a jeweler again. Even if I'm not, you know where I'll be a year from now when my watch battery goes dead!

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