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Why Snapchat is Revolutionizing Digital Marketing

The numbers are impressive.  #Snapchat boasts over 100 million daily active users and over 10 billion daily video views, as per internal data. The social network is becoming a key player in the future of digital marketing.

Since its launch in 2011 this ephemeral network has grown rapidly, especially among the digital native generation of mobile-only users. It is an in-your-face, intimate social media platform with an enviable level of engagement.

Snapchat is the network in which the brand seeks the user to send a personalized message and speak in codes he/she understands. It is a network that has achieved what advertising has been yearning for the past 100 years: one to one connections.

Its fresh take on content generation with pictures or 10-second video snaps that disappear within a 24-hour timeframe has changed the way we use social media and revolutionized the way we watch videos – now vertically and mobile. This represents a huge opportunity for marketers and advertisers.  It provides a valuable space to interact and connect with your audience in a personal, authentic way.

Being that Snapchat is a preferred network for young people, it is also the place to go in order to tap the highly coveted Millennial demographic, a segment that is becoming increasingly harder to find through other channels.

Today, 63% of #Snapchat users are between 13 and 24 years old, according to data provided by the company. And although the younger users may not necessarily have bank accounts or credit cards of their own, they are often times those who create trends, decide purchases and influence the consumer decisions of their parents.

Why include Snapchat in your marketing strategy?

  • Create brand awareness: Snapchat is an effective way to build exposure for your business and communicate brand values through storytelling. Bring your brand presence to life and provide your audience content of value –leverage video snaps to share quick tutorials and/or tips and product demonstrations, for example.
  • Humanize your business: Transparency is key to connecting with your customers on an authentic level and Snapchat provide just this. Post behind the scenes footage from your business and show the day-to-day activities customers don’t typically get to see.
  • Incentivize customers: Get customers involved and encourage them to act. Offer live coverage from one of your events, sneak previews of upcoming products or services and run giveaways and contests.

How to reach the right Snapchat influencers?

Influencer marketing campaigns can be extremely time-consuming regardless of the social platform.  Utilizing an influencer marketplace is key to streamlining the process to deliver scalable content and a strong ROI., the leading multicultural influencer marketplace, recently became the first 100% automated platform to enable brand-influencer collaborations on Snapchat.

The marketplace presents an innovative social media publicity model built upon the democratization of the brand and influencer partnership space. It is open to all social media users to sign up and start earning a profit from their social media activity. Brands, agencies and small to medium-size businesses can launch a campaign with no minimum budget required.

About SocialPubli connects brands with over 12,500 influencers from 20+ countries powering social media marketing campaigns across Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, blogs, and now Snapchat.

Influencers can be segmented utilizing 25 criteria including targeting options for location, gender, areas of interest, age, number of followers and others.

Ismael El-Qudsi

Ismael is CEO at since the startup was launched in July 2015. He is also CEO of online marketing agency, Internet República, the parent company of Ismael teaches at the Master Internet Business (MIB) program, ESIC and Instituto de Empresa. He was recently recognized as one of the top 50 Spanish online marketing and entrepreneurial influencers on Twitter.

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