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WordPress Social Media Management Plugin

If your company is publishing and not utilizing social media effectively to promote the content, you’re truly missing out on quite a bit of traffic. And… for better results, each post could really use some optimization based on the platform you’re utilizing.

Currently, there are just a few options for automated publishing from your WordPress site:

  • The majority of social media publishing platforms have a feature where you can publish from an RSS feed.
  • Optionally, you can utilize a feed platform that automatically publishes when your feed is updated, too.
  • WordPress’ company also offers Jetpack which has a Publicize option to push your posts to your social channels.

In each case, you add your social media accounts and once your feed is updated, the message is assembled and published out the appropriate channel. They work pretty well, but there’s a huge limitation of all of them.

Where a post title may be optimized for search, a social media post may want to be more enticing and utilize hashtags to drive additional attention. As a result, the majority of publishers that want to fully leverage social media take and handcraft their social media updates. While it takes an extra few minutes to edit and publish on each platform, the results can be dramatically better than just pushing your feed out.

Social Web Suite

Tina Todorovic and Dejan Markovic built a WordPress plugin that integrated with Buffer. But as they started getting more and more feature requests that Buffer didn’t have, they decided to build their own platform – Social Web Suite. Social Web Suite incorporates everything a social media management platform needs with much tighter integration to WordPress. Some of these features include:

  • The ability to not just integrate posts, but pages, categories, and tags as well!
  • Your posts are instantly published to social accounts as soon as they are published on WordPress and then moved to the back of their category to be reshared again later!
  • Simple automation that transforms the category or tag of the post into hashtags on your social media posts.
  • Automated Google Analytics Campaign URLs with UTM variables automatically tagged.
  • Rather than publishing instantly to social media, the posts are queued for the best time to publish.
  • Evergreen posts can be republished as well.
  • A full publishing calendar provides you with a clear view of what and when each update will be published.


There’s extensive support for all major social media platforms with Social Web Suite. You can publish to Facebook Pages or Groups, Instagram or Instagram Business Accounts, Twitter, LinkedIn Profiles or Pages. And, if you’d like to bring in your Youtube videos or another RSS feed, you can do that as well.

Social Web Suite is the most powerful social scheduling tool I’ve ever used. I’m currently using multiple tools to accomplish what Social Web Suite does, and am so excited to have Social Web Suite take their place! Social Web Suite is a game-changer for bloggers and small businesses and will make scheduling posts so much easier!

Erin Flynn

For a full social media management platform like this, the pricing is really affordable. Your can start with a single user account that publishes to 5 social media accounts and move all the way up to a business account that allows 3 users and up to 40 social media accounts.

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Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Social Web Suite.

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