Swaarm: Automate, Optimize, and Measure Your Advertising Performance

Swaarm Ad Performance Platform

Swaarm is a performance-based tracking platform that provides agencies, advertisers, and networks with the ability to fully track and control their marketing efforts in real-time ensuring profitable growth.


The platform has been engineered from the ground up to be simple to use, yet powerful, with data-driven campaign automation to help marketers successfully measure and optimize campaigns at an economic price.

Instead of a top-down approach, we built this product ground up. Right from the very beginning, we started testing with real clients to make each action simpler, faster, and better. Like iOS and Android are to our phones, we aspire to be the Operating System of Performance Marketing.

Yogeeta Chainani, Co-founder and CPO of Swaarm

Unlocking the value of data, Swaarm is a unified solution, with which the company aims to solve some of the industry’s biggest problems of scaling businesses. While current market offerings only provide limited data insights, still require substantial manual work processes, and come with inefficient pricing models, Swaarm was built to overcome these pain points. The platform allows companies to make data-driven decisions and scale their business at a better price point by offering the highest level of automation.

We reduced our tracking costs to one third by moving to Swaarm. At the same time, the automation tools helped us increase our efficiency resulting in revenue uplift of 20%.”

Thorsten Russ, Managing Director, Evvolution

Swaarm Performance Marketing Features Include

Swaarm caters to the needs of both individual marketers who can navigate through tons of data with a few clicks and data-savvy enterprises that can use the integrated data science tools to deep dive into the granularities.

  • Partner User Interface – Allows partners to see tracking & revenue numbers in real-time.
  • Smart Links – Offering CPM publishers the right ad for the right user, based on advanced machine learning algorithms.
  • Billing & Consolidation – Consolidate your monthly numbers with your partner’s numbers for efficient and fast billing.
  • Network Syncer & Automated Offer Import – Automatically import and set up offers from a vast amount of partners.
  • Real-Time Automated CR Optimization – Automatically take action based on real-time data to optimize traffic.
  • Advanced Targeting – Real-time restriction of geo, devices, traffic-type, carriers, any other custom data.
  • Insights Reporting – Discover patterns, trends, and business opportunities in your data, share it with colleagues.
  • 24/7 Tracking Link Scan – Identify if the tracking link is correct for every offer in your system.

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