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Tadpull: The E-commerce Data Pond Walkthrough

The world of eCommerce is packed to the brim with data of all different types that stem from numerous sources. This makes navigating, consolidating, and interpreting the data more and more difficult as the data multiplies and your business grows. 

Having access to critical customer, inventory, and campaign data become necessary for further expansion and helps leaders make insightful, calculated business decisions. In today’s landscape where data streams are constantly changing, take Apple’s launch of App Tracking Transparency and the transition to Google Analytics 4 as recent examples, creating a consistent and scientific approach to data gathering and analysis can truly elevate a business to new highs. After all, science is the key to a successful eCommerce business. 

The E-commerce Data Pond Solution Overview

The E-commerce Data Pond is a SaaS platform that enables eCommerce businesses to better manage their inventory, identify and target their highest-value customers, boost their profitability, launch better-performing campaigns, enable real-time alerts and reporting, and more. This allows brands to get the right product to the right customer at the right time.  

The software utilizes the 3 core pillars of eCommerce data – customer, inventory, and campaign – and works to unify, simplify, and amplify it by: 

  • Filling in holes and cleaning datasets
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to increase customer acquisition and retention
  • Applying statistical models to help personalize offers, optimize for conversions, and enhance margins

All of which are key to producing predictive analytics and insights that help efficient scaling. 

The E-commerce Data Pond does all of the typical heavy lifting associated with data management and gathering through the means of existing data stream integration and their proprietary first-party pixel which gives companies access to valuable one-to-one customer data that simply isn’t available anywhere else. The E-commerce Data Pond then offers up the results in an elegant and easy-to-read dashboard with customizable graphics and charts so the exact information you’re looking for is never far away or hard to reach. 

Tadpull Pond Software

What truly sets The E-commerce Data Pond apart from other eCommerce analytic tools and companies are the data science backgrounds of the team at Tadpull that serve as the basis for their success in digital marketing and analytics. Everything is rooted in the scientific method and has been for over a decade now, using facts and hypotheses to shape it at every turn. 

Additionally, because Tadpull knows that tools and software can only do so much when it comes to understanding and strategizing once the data is available, their eCommerce experts can guide and help at every step of the way. From helping understand the customer journey to drilling into individual SKU performance and identifying what cross-sell and up-sell opportunities exist, Tadpull is able to help businesses uncover the profit hiding their data and provide actionable counsel during the journey.

Data is more than just a buzzword. Data is the cornerstone of the modern digital economy. At Tadpull, we build hypotheses with empathy and prove them with data-based decisions that drive real-world results. Everything we do is based on execution. We hit the ground running every single day and build winning software and decision-making engines that really make a difference and move the needle for our clients.

Tadpull Cofounder and CEO, Jake Cook

Best Practices for Gathering, Consolidating, and Using eCommerce Data

Consolidation and gathering of useful eCommerce data can seem like a difficult and lengthy task, however, there are several best practices that can assist companies during the process:

  • Identify ALL relevant sources of data – Data signaling intent, product data, email data, advertising data, marketplace data, zero-party data, first-party data, inventory system data, cloud data, Google Analytics data, campaign data, and social data are all examples of what could be pertinent and applicable datasets that will help businesses develop strategies and insights. Determining what all of the avenues are and where to find them is the first step in developing a strong data understanding.  
  • Ensure the data collected is consistent and complete –  Making sure that datasets are categorized and illustrated consistently throughout will make comparing, contrasting, and merging datasets together far easier. Additionally, reducing the amount of holes present within datasets allows for a more complete understanding and inhibits stronger strategizing from the data. 
  • Develop actionable strategies based on the data – While developing strategies, campaigns, and other workable gameplans without letting the available data influence them can seem useful and worthwhile at times, it can actually misdirect focus and attention and cause far more negative than positive results. It’s imperative to truly understand and utilize the available datasets to make informed, scientific decisions based on the insights that can be gathered. This puts businesses and leaders in a much stronger position and allows resources to be put into the right areas and leads to much more valuable results. 

Oboz Tadpull Case Study

Tadpull has worked with Oboz Footwear since 2020, when the pandemic brought Oboz’s wholesale business to a halt. With supply chain woes and brick-and-mortar stores stunting new and returning business, Oboz decided to face the issue head-on with vital help from Tadpull and The E-commerce Data Pond. 

Oboz revamped its basic run-of-the-mill website and turned it into a robust eCommerce shopping experience. Once the new website was up and running, Tadpull implemented a broad spectrum of traffic and lead gen services to access a diverse audience and convert the traffic into a loyal customer base. The E-commerce Data Pond software allowed them to eliminate wasted ad spend amidst supply chain interruptions by matching real customers with available inventory.

Tadpull helped to accelerate their growth by applying data science and intelligent inventory marketing to the new website, which allowed them to thrive in the constantly changing and uncertainty of a pandemic-affected economy. The partnership with Tadpull boasted incredible results, increasing Oboz’s revenue month over month by 38% and increasing their conversion rate by 123%.  

If you’re interested in seeing how Tadpull and The E-commerce Data Pond can make a difference for you and your company:

Book A Free 15-Minute No-Obligation Consultation

Jake Cook

Jake Cook is cofounder and CEO at Tadpull, working across eCommerce, digital marketing, and predictive analytics. While he’s worked for companies like Google and Microsoft, these days he’s deeply passionate about helping mid-market companies compete smarter by harnessing their own disparate datasets to turn data into profit with the power of AI.

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