InPowered: Promote Third-Party Trusted Content

As content marketers write their own content on their own sites, there’s always the issue of trust. Of course you’re going to promote your brand, products and services as the best. Alternatively, when third-party trusted sites write about your brand, product and service – that content is naturally trusted more since the author doesn’t have a financial interest in the company (hopefully). The author is writing the content as an honest review and putting their

SteelHouse A2: Cross-Platform Interactive Advertising

Rich ads get significantly higher engagement, but they’re too hard to create. Flash doesn’t work on mobile, and HTML5 doesn’t work consistently in every browser. Today, SteelHouse launched A2 (pronounced a-squared), which brings the high quality that brands expect from other mediums like TV and print, into online ads that serve on any device including Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Whether they want to admit it or not, brands are embarrassed by the

Ads on the Home Page?

Perception is reality. I’ve always believed that, to some extent, that this true. The perception of the employee is the reality of what kind of company or boss they work for. The perception of the market is how the stock responds. The perception of your customer is how successful your company is. The perception of a blog’s success is how well it is monetized. As I look around the net, there are some who don’t