Why Is Page Speed Is Critical? How to Test and Improve Yours

Most sites lose about half of their visitors due to slow page speed. In fact, the average desktop web page bounce rate is 42%, the average mobile web page bounce rate is 58%, and the average post-click landing page bounce rate ranges from 60 to 90%. Not flattering numbers by any means, especially considering mobile usage continues to grow and it’s getting harder by the day to attract and keep consumer attention. According to Google, the

Accelerated Mobile Pages are a Must, But Don’t Forget Analytics!

to This last month I’ve been working with a client that’s seen a noticeable decline in organic search traffic over the last year. We’ve fixed quite a few issues with the site that could impact rankings; however, I was missing one key factor in reviewing their analytics – Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). What is AMP? With responsive websites becoming the norm, the size and speed of mobile sites is greatly impacted, often slowing down the

How To Select a CMS that is Optimized for Search

Today I met with a client who has been struggling with their search engine rankings. As I reviewed their Content Management System (CMS), I looked for some basic best practices that I could not find. Before I provide a checklist to verify with your CMS provider, I should first state that there is absolutely NO reason for a company NOT to have a content management system anymore. A CMS will provide you or your marketing

Ampush: Facebook Ad Social Marketing Platform

Ampush helps brands and direct response advertisers with Facebook Ads, delivering a return on investment to large-scale brands and agency partners with the AMP 2.0 Social Marketing Platform. Ampush drives billions of social ad impressions per month across mobile and desktop native advertising platforms. The AMP 2.0 Managed Ad Platform: Launchpad – A dynamic, feed-based ad and content creation tool designed to quickly build, update, and manage thousands of ad units and groups through a