100 Years Later: The Kingdom of the Subscriber

This is an advertisement from May 1916 edition of Popular Mechanics from AT&T speaking to potential telephone subscribers. I often wonder how difficult it was to overcome the fear and trepidation such technology must have caused at the time. I also wonder how it compares to social media adoption and the Internet today. History almost always repeats itself. Telephones, like the Internet, significantly changed lives. In 1926, the Knights of Columbus Adult Education Committee even

AT&T: The Next AIG?

Almost every day I get home, I get a beautiful piece of direct mail from AT&T about U-Verse. They’ve sold me. I want it. I want a big ‘ol fat package with increased download speeds, the advanced ability to control my television programming, the DVR… I want it all. But I can’t have it. Following the instructions on one of the pieces of direct mail I received months ago, I walked through the entire process

Verizon Did Good Today! AT&T Not So Good…

Sometimes I use my blog as a bully pulpit when it comes to consumer affairs. It’s not as much to embarrass the company as it is to vent my frustration. In a previous post, I slammed AT&T and detailed their inept ability to complete a single item on a move work order. Today they made their offer – reversing any fees they accidentally added and knocking $500 off our company phone bill. I wasn’t happy

Can Your Registrar Cut You Off?

With the big todo about GoDaddy’s cancellation of it’s customer (who now has his own campaign: NoDaddy.com), I decided to look into some other registrars, including my own, to see if they could pull the plug as easily as GoDaddy did. You’ll actually be surprised, only a couple of registrars have Terms of Service that set some pretty strong requirements against cancellation: Dotster: 16.2 Domain suspension, cancellation or transfer. You acknowledge and agree that your