Seven Steps to Meet the Customer Experience Imperative and Cultivate Customers for Life

Customers will leave after a single bad experience with your company, which means customer experience (CX) is the difference between red and black in your business ledger. If you can’t differentiate by consistently delivering an amazing and effortless experience, your customers will move on to your competition. Our study, based on a survey of 1,600 global sales and marketing professionals worldwide, underscores the impact of CX on customer churn. With customers leaving in droves –

Siteimprove: Optimize Content for Accessibility, Organic Search, Customer Experience and Marketing Performance

Expectations for high-quality content are at an all-time high: Research shows that 73% of consumers say one extraordinary digital experience raises their expectations of other companies to deliver a similar experience. SOTI, Annual Connected Retailer Survey For marketers today, content is much like code. Publishing poor quality, inaccessible content is like pushing out code that hasn’t been proactively debugged. That’s where digital accessibility comes in. Creating content with quality and accessibility standards from the start

How Kelly-Moore Paints Made the Leap to SugarCRM to Fuel Innovation and Business Transformation

The race to differentiate the customer experience has many organizations looking to re-platform their customer relationship management (CRM) systems.  This was the case with Kelly-Moore Paints. Shrugging off its existing CRM provider, the paint company made the move to SugarCRM. Today, Kelly-Moore Paints applies Sugar’s scalable, out-of-the-box, AI-driven CRM platform for sales and marketing automation, fueling innovation and business transformation. Kelly-Moore Paints is one of the largest employee-owned paint companies in the U.S. and is a

SellerSmile: Why Should You Outsource Your Ecommerce Support Team

When the pandemic struck and retailers were shut down, it didn’t just impact the retail outlets. It impacted the entire supply chain that fed those retailers as well. My digital transformation consulting firm is working with a manufacturer right now to assist them in building out their Ecommerce and Martech stack to support a direct-to-consumer dropshipping business. It’s a challenging project as we have been able to work all the way from the brand research

How To Use Customer Journey Analytics To Optimize Your Demand Generation Marketing Efforts

To optimize your demand generation marketing efforts successfully, you need visibility into every step of your customers’ journeys and the means to track and analyze their data to understand what motivates them now and in the future. How do you do that? Fortunately, customer journey analytics provides valuable insights into your visitors’ behavioral patterns and preferences throughout their entire customer journey. These insights allow you to create enhanced customer experiences that motivate visitors to reach