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  • CRM and Data PlatformsContext and Personalization in the Customer Journey

    The Key to Understanding And Personalizing the Consumer Journey Is Context

    Every marketer knows that understanding consumer needs is critical for business success. Today’s audiences are more conscious about where they shop, partly because they have so many choices available, but also because they want to feel like brands align with their personal values. More than 30% of consumers will quit doing business with a preferred brand after just one bad experience.…

  • Sales EnablementAllocadia

    Allocadia: Build, Track, and Measure your Marketing Plans with Greater Confidence And Control

    Growing complexity and mounting pressure to prove impact are just two reasons why marketing is more challenging today than it has ever been before. The combination of more available channels, more informed customers, the proliferation of data, and the constant need to prove contribution to revenue and other goals has resulted in mounting pressure on marketers to become more thoughtful…

  • Marketing BooksSuper Crunchers Book by Ian Cleary

    Super Crunchers by Ian Ayres

    Regular readers of my blog know that I’ve always been an advocate of measurement. A career in database marketing opened my eyes to the power of data and its ability to accurately assist marketing efforts. Attending the Webtrends Engage Conference was quite an inspiration and has really put me on a crusade to ensure companies measure and analyze their online…

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