The Problem with Web 3.0 Persists

aCategorizing, filtering, tagging, collecting, querying, indexing, structuring, formatting, highlighting, networking, following, aggregating, liking, tweeting, searching, sharing, bookmarking, digging, stumbling, sorting… it’s downright painful. The Evolutions of The Web Web 0: In 1989 Tim Berners-Lee of CERN proposes an open Internet. The first website appears in 1991 with the World Wide Web Project. Web 1.0: By 1999 there are 3 million websites and users navigate primarily by word-of-mouth and directories like Yahoo! Web 2.0: By 2006

I Believe in Web 3.0!

This slide most likely produces moans and groans when I display it in front of my fellow techies. I have to show it, though. There have been very discreet movements on the web in the past. We had Web 0.0 which was basically text and bulletin boards. Remember those days? Waiting for the image to load line by line with your 1200 baud modem! (Yes, I know I’m old!) Web History Web 1.0 really became