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How to Use SMS to Win Love, Leads, Revenue

Text messaging has been a foundation of our success with our real estate marketing platform. When a property gets a visitor, they request information via text from a sign we post on their lawn. When the response is provided with a mobile tour and realtor information, the realtor is immediately notified and can call the visitor to see if they need help. Simply put, our agents that utilize the system close properties faster.

Marketing texts have a 98% open rate, a 45% response rate and the conversion rate for leads who were sent three or more text messages after the initial contact is 328%, industry-wide. You read that right… and compared to other marketing mediums, the text message is universal across any mobile device. No need for design, development or other modifications – just send and wait for the response! Just be sure to work with a reputable text messaging service and always get permission. Unlike other mediums, the penalties for abusing text messages are enormous.

Text Messaging Infographic

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Adam Small

Adam Small is the CEO of AgentSauce, a full-featured, automated real estate marketing platform integrated with direct mail, email, SMS, mobile apps, social media, CRM, and MLS.

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