Toluna Start: Real-Time Consumer Intelligence With A Global Community

Toluna Consumer Insights Platform

Toluna Start is an agile, end-to-end, real-time consumer intelligence platform. The products provide customer insights, market research, and empowers clients to instantly conduct quantitative and qualitative research in real-time. Unlike traditional market research platforms, Toluna combines both the technology needed and access to a global community to provide the information you need.

Toluna Start

Toluna Start

Whether it’s agile new product development or testing brand and communications messages, Toluna has a consumer intelligence platform to assist in your market research of consumers:

  • Consumer Intelligence – Access a single source for all of your consumer insights. Toluna Start is an end-to-end consumer intelligence platform and with a single login. Access a wide range of automated insights solutions covering survey design, integrated survey respondents, and reporting dashboards including insights and recommendations.
  • Analytics and Dashboards – Access your data instantly. From real-time field reports and verbatim responses to more advanced analysis. Measure performance against KPIs in minutes with dashboards designed to provide actionable insights. Weight data, create sub-populations, filter and conduct all levels of significance testing. Drag and drop PowerPoint slides, word cloud verbatims, build tables, and re-run banners as needed.
  • Communities and Live Discussions – Quickly engage with the people who matter most to your brand. Dig deeper and uncover emotions and motivations that drive consumer behavior. Develop enterprise communities that are full-featured and highly-engaging—no matter your target market. Set up a branded Live Discussion in a matter of minutes and engage with your target audience.
  • Behavioral Insights – Understand consumer behavior across mobile and desktop, websites, and apps. Includes apps installed, navigation patterns, browsing behavior, search behavior, and purchase information across the world’s largest retailers.
  • Automated Sampling – Access respondents in real-time. Price, assess feasibility and launch projects in minutes. ​Toluna’s fully automated sampling solution gives researchers a direct line to our influencer community of well-profiled, highly engaged respondents.
  • Global Panel Community – Tap into the power of more than 30 million people around the globe. Our members are ready, willing, and able to provide the feedback you need, all in real-time to supercharge your decision-making. Target consumers across 70+ markets using more than 200 demographic and behavioral profiles.
  • Research Services – Toluna’s in-house experts combined with their sister company Harris Interactive have deep vertical expertise that can make the unknown, known. Their expertise is integrated into our self-service automated solutions. Or they can design a custom program with a research expert. Whatever service meets your needs.

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