FollowUpThen: Free and Easy Email Reminders

I love sharing some productivity tools that I use to manage the massive inflow of email. A year ago, I recommended (and still use) Evercontact which analyzes email signatures to update contact details. Almost two years ago, I shared – a great system I still use that collects and aggregates emails into a single email to reduce the noise. Today, I’m sharing FollowUpThen. Here’s a great example of how I use it. We’re working

Zapier: Workflow Automation for Business

I never realized that I’d have to wait 6 years before we’d begin seeing applications that intelligently visualized application programming interfaces… but we’re finally getting there. Yahoo! Pipes launched in 2007 and had some connectors for manipulating and connecting systems, but it lacked integration with plethora of web services and APIs that were exploding across the web. Zapier is nailing it… enabling you to automate tasks between online services – currently 181! Zapier is for

Top 5 Tips for Survey Greatness

There is a simple truth presented by the Internet era: Soliciting feedback and gaining insight into your customer base and target market is easy. This can be a wonderful fact or a fear-inducing one, depending on who you are and what you’re looking for feedback about, but if you’re in the market to connect with your base to get their honest opinion, you have tons of free and cost effective options to do. There are

The Power of ALT and TAB

When it comes to computer technology, I’m amazed how many people aren’t intimately familiar with two of the most important buttons on your keyboard. The awesome power of ALT and TAB comprise some of the most important productivity tips for anyone who uses a computer to promote or conduct their business. In other words: practically everyone now reading Martech! The Alternate Zone To really understand the ALT+TAB combination, we need to begin with a discussion

Software and Tools I Couldn’t Live Without

Reading Doug’s post the made me think about all the applications upon which I have come to depend as a part of how I run my business and my life.  Several, Tungle and Dropbox, Doug already mentioned.  But here is a list of a few others I could not imagine life without: WebNotes –  This is an invaluable part of my web research.  Whether I am trying to find information for a client project, inspiration