List of Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

twitter keyboard shortcuts

When I first began programming about twenty years ago, I had a colleague that was an advanced architect and genius developer. Each time that I reached over with my right hand, he would mumble something about being mouse disabled. His version wasn’t as politically correct and was often wrapped with some obscene words that aren’t safe for work… but I digress. Twenty years later, I’m still dependent upon my mouse.

That said, I have incredible appreciation for those folks who learn and love shortcuts. There’s simply something magical about watching someone efficiently go about their tasks without every slowing down to touch their mouse. With those keyboard jocks assembled in every dark room of every social media platform, you know that it’s only a matter of time before their user interfaces are optimized so, outside of grabbing the next energy drink and slice of pizza, their fingers never have to stray far from their keyboard.

The developers at Twitter are no different, having developed a plethora of keyboard shortcuts for everything you need to possibly do on your Twitter page. The list includes simple commands to favorite, reply, retweet, direct message, start a new tweet, or and close or open tweets… to navigating the menus, searching, or reloading newer tweets… to navigating the timelines, discovery, viewing a profile and more. Check out this comprehensive Twitter shortcut cheatsheet from myClever Agency.

List of Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

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