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Updated: WordPress Sidebar Widget for Playing Podcasts

WordPress Podcast Player Sidebar Widget

If you’ve ever utilized the default RSS widget for WordPress and entered a Podcast RSS feed, you’ll notice that it only displays the title and description. That’s because the iTunes standard for podcast feeds adds additional tags for the image associated with a podcast as well as the location of the podcast file itself.

Despite WordPress having its own audio player, the two don’t work together… until now! I was pretty frustrated that I couldn’t have folks play the latest podcasts from my sidebar so I built and submitted a WordPress Plugin to do this. Today, the folks at WordPress approved the plugin and it was published in the repository.

Download the WordPress Podcast Feed Player Widget

Of course, you can also just search for the plugin via your Plugins page and install it from there. It’s a dead simple plugin that enables you to enter a Title for the sidebar section, enter your Podcast Feed, set the limit on how many podcasts you wish to display, as well as set the size of the image from the podcast. The WordPress default audio player is applied using their API function, wp_audio_shortcode.

You can see it in action on our sidebar! It’s been updated to also display your RSS, iTunes, and Google Play addresses in the title of the widget.

Podcast Player for WordPress

The plugin is active now on over 50 different sites and running great. We’ve had no support issues to date!

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