Is Youtube Killing TV?

tv is dead

Personally, I think we’ll have television around for my lifetime and then some. Unlike this infographic, I don’t believe that television is dead… I just think it’s going through a transformation. With hundreds of channels, the advent of Tivo and high bandwidth, what hurt television was the impact to commercials… not really Youtube. And the infographic below talks about Google’s share price, but neglects to show that Youtube doesn’t make any money, either!

What is catching up, of course, is the ability for businesses to develop low cost video advertising. Television commercials could cost upwards of $60,000 to produce. Not anymore! You can now use an HD camera on your phone and free editing software to produce commercials at a fraction of the cost. So… video advertising will catch up.

As for Youtube versus Television… the two are merging. GoogleTV, AppleTV and others already have Youtube applications. Cable providers like Comcast or U-Verse stream video just like the Internet. There’s a convergence of the two technologies happening – and I like it!

youtube killed tv

Infographic by Freemake, proud developer of Youtube Converter


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      Great observation, Click! I agree that folks aren’t too stimulated by shiny glossy marketing video anymore… real people, real messages win because of their sincerity and ability to connect personally.

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    Very interesting article sir! I too dont believe Youtube is killing TV, I think TV is killing itself! Too many cookie cutter shows, advertisements, bad schedules, and all around bad programming at expensive prices that we simply cant afford in todays economy! 

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