Is the next President of the United States running Linux?

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Earlier today I read a post about Ron Paul’s website. Interestingly, his site is less of a typical candidate site and more of a mashup of other sources of information about him. What a fantastic idea and it shows additional transparency. That got me even more curious, what was the site developed on?

According to Netcraft, Ron Paul’s site was previously run on Microsoft IIS but as of June 5th it’s now on Apache!

So that got me wondering… what are the other candidates’ sites running? Does this provide some insight into their overall candidacy?

Site Operating System and Server by Candidate

  • Joe Biden (Democrat) – Linux, Zope by Interlix
  • Hillary Clinton (Democrat) – Windows Server 2003, Microsoft-IIS/6.0 by Paul Holcomb
  • Christopher Dodd (Democrat) – FreeBSD, Apache by pair Networks
  • John Edwards (Democrat) – Linux, Apache by Plus Three
  • Mike Gravel (Democrat) – Linux, Apache by Voxel Dot Net, Inc.
  • Dennis Kucinich (Democrat) – Linux, Apache by New Age Consulting
  • Barack Obama (Democrat) – FreeBSD, Apache by pair Networks
  • Bill Richardson (Democrat) – Linux, Zope by Interlix
  • Wesley Clark (Democrat) – Linux, Apache by Voxel Dot Net, Inc.
  • Al Gore (Democrat) – Linux, Apache by Rackspace
  • Sam Brownback (Republican) – Windows Server 2003, Microsoft-IIS/6.0 by RackForce Hosting, Inc.
  • Jim Gilmore (Republican) – Linux, Apache by 1&1 Internet, Inc.
  • Rudy Giuliani (Republican) – Linux, Apache by RackSpace
  • Mike Huckabee (Republican) – Windows Server 2003, Microsoft-IIS/6.0 by LNH Inc.
  • Duncun Hunter (Republican) – Windows Server 2003, Microsoft-IIS/6.0 by Individual
  • John McCain (Republican) – Windows Server 2003, Microsoft-IIS/6.0 by Smartech Corporation
  • Ron Paul (Republican) – Linux, Apache by Rackspace
  • Mitt Romney (Republican) – Linux, Apache by Rackspace
  • Tom Tancredo (Republican) – Windows Server 2003, Microsoft-IIS/6.0 by Interland
  • Fred Thompson (Republican) – Windows Server 2003, Microsoft-IIS/6.0 by LNH Inc.
  • Tommy Thompson (Republican) – Windows Server 2003, Microsoft-IIS/6.0 by Time Warner Telecom, Inc.
  • Chuck Hagel (Republican) – Windows Server 2003, Microsoft-IIS/6.0 by Individual
  • Newt Gingrich (Republican) – Windows Server 2003, Microsoft-IIS/6.0 by Smartech Corporation

Here’s the overall breakdown, pretty interesting results:

All Candidates

It’s fascinating to me that the Dems are predominantly Open Source… except for Hillary Clinton and the Republicans are predominantly Microsoft with the exception of Ron Paul, Jim Gilmore, Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney.

I predict Linux will win the election.


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    I predict you’re wrong. I see one of three people winning, Clinton, Fred Thompson, or Gingrich. The Obama stuff just can’t stand in the backwoods of many states, ‘ole JR isn’t going to vote for him.

    So that leaves the three I listed, all Windows folks. What I find funny is that the two Republican guys I listed haven’t even declared yet.

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    I hope they come up with a simple chart detailing all of the candidates and what their stances on each of the major issues are. It is a bit of a pain going through to each website and reading everything. I like a few of the candidates, but each one has a stance on one or two of the issues that I really don’t like.

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    Very interesting. I wonder how much attention their campaigns paid to the actual platform on which their site operates.

    It would be very interesting to see if candidates have received political donations from companies such as Microsoft, Red Hat, etc.

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    23 is a tiny, meaningless sample size, and it’s silly to draw any conclusions from this. Now if you include, say, all of the US Senators and Congressmen, that could be interesting.

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    In the last election the owner of XMission (a local isp) ran for senate. He’s been a long time supporter of Linux. We have a hotly contested mayoral election in Salt Lake City this year. He asked each candidate to answer a survey that he then posted on his blog. One of the questions pointed out that each candidate had endorsed buying local. He then asked where their website was hosted. It was interesting to read some of the candidates trying to dodge the question. Soon they’ll hopefully come to realize that these things can really matter.

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    What are you trying to do ?

    I hope you realize you have symbolically painted a target on yourself by doing this.

    I found the article rather amusing and actually interesting since you have put an entirely new twist to the election debate.

    As mentioned by the previous poster, I hope it was more done in jest ….

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    Could some one please help me.
    I am looking for an email address for the US Presidential Candidates to enable me to send them a Blessing from God certificate from the website
    I am confident that candidates who receive a Blessing from God will find that it provides a great boost to their confidence.

    A supporter

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    I don?t know about USA but in Russia I think Linux will be national operating system because of free.

    I can agree with following opinion !! It is free and very well protected !


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    Don’t forget 1 of the 1st things the Bush administration did after getting into office was to essentially railroad through a settlement of the anti-trust lawsuit against Microsoft. Last I heard Mass. was still suing MS, but the other states settled… Funny how we don’t seem to have heard anything for a long time…

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    That makes for some useful information, though I hope nobody bases their vote simply on the OS of a candidate’s server.

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