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    Love the graphic! Sharing with my followers now! Social media is widely used today, but I am still surprised how many do it the wrong way. It is important and well work their time to do some research and reading into social media marketing to make sure its being done the right way!

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      Thanks Brandon! With respect – I’m not sure of the “right” or “wrong” way to use social media as a company. I see some that just tweet ads and discounts – but they get some great redemption rates so who am I to judge? I think each company needs to experiment and see what works for them and their audience.

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      I don’t know that I totally agree. If your customers realize that there’s an incentive for sticking with you a long time, they’ll often stick with you. Most companies do the opposite. They discount for new customers and then upcharge existing customers… which incentivizes turnover instead.

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    Today, Social media is become another search engine where users are actually looking for the detailed information about the products or service. Even Bigger Brands are also focusing to improve their online presence on Social Media.

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