Abstract: Collaborate, Version, and Handoff Your Product Designs

Abstract Design Collaboration for Sketch and Adobe XD

We’re working with a national firm right now to develop custom Marketing Cloud email templates for each of the departments and business units. Because stakeholders, contractors, and designers are all remote, the designer developed his mockups and worked on versions with his leadership team – then handed it off to our team for responsive coding and implementation.

The designer introduced me to Abstract. Abstract is an online collaboration tool for Mac where your company, contractors, and clients can manage, version, and document designs in one place.

Overview of Abstract

To edit or create design files, you’ll need to download the macOS desktop app. To share and get feedback, the desktop application synchronizes with Abstract’s web app.

The Abstract Workflow Process

Abstract enables your team to work from a master, branch, collaborate, provide feedback all the way through to prepare your approved product design for production.

abstract project

  1. Import – import Sketch and Adobe XD files and instantly create a centralized place for your most up-to-date design work and supporting documentation.
  2. Collaborate – Start an exploration by creating a branch off of a master to design in parallel workspaces. Branches are safe spaces where you and other designers can work on the same files at the same time, without overwriting each other’s work or affecting master.
  3. Commit – Document and save your work with added context, building documentation as you go. Including notes about what you did and why is part of saving your work in Abstract.
  4. Feedback – Request feedback from other designers and stakeholders, directly on the work. Comments and annotations are recorded on the artboards for easy reference.
  5. Version – After designs are approved and ready to move forward, the next step is to merge, or add, your changes into master. You can compare different versions of artboards before deciding which changes you want to save to master and which ones you don’t. And, if you change your mind or make a mistake, you can always roll back to the previous version.
  6. Production – Transition work from design to development directly from Abstract. Developers can compare changes, view measurements, and download assets – all from a link. Viewer access is all they need (and it’s free).

Abstract offers both regular and enteprise offerings.

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