Urchin Tracking Module

UTM is the acronym for Urchin Tracking Module.

What is Urchin Tracking Module?

Parameters that you can add to a URL to track the performance of campaigns in Google Analytics. Here is a list of the UTM variables and explanations for campaign URLs in Google Analytics:

  1. utm_source: A required parameter that identifies the source of traffic, such as a search engine (e.g. Google), a website (e.g. Forbes), or a newsletter (e.g. Mailchimp).
  2. utm_medium: A required parameter that identifies the medium of the campaign, such as organic search, paid search, email, or social media.
  3. utm_campaign: A required parameter that identifies the campaign or specific promotion being tracked, such as a product launch or a sale.
  4. utm_term: An optional parameter that identifies the keyword or phrase that led to the visit, such as the search query used on a search engine.
  5. utm_content: An optional parameter to differentiate between versions of the same ad or link, such as two different versions of a banner ad.

To use UTM variables, you will need to append them to the end of your URL as query parameters. For example:


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