Alterian SDL|SM2: Social Media Intelligence

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Alterian SDL|SM2 is a social media intelligence solution that provides companies with visibility into their presence in the social landscape and reveals where the relevant conversations are occurring, who is participating, and what customers think about them.

Founder Mark Lancaster explains why SDL is key to your company’s online marketing efforts:

This tool contains all the run of the mill functionality that most tools in the social media marketing offer, but goes that extra mile to deliver some hard to find functionality such as sentiment analysis, daily volume, key influencer and more. While many tools focus on a niche geographical area, Alterian SM2 is perfectly at home in a truly international landscape, allowing data collection in multi-language mode, translation, incorporating reports on sentiment, demographic, social media networks and more. Knowing that localized community management, and local, relevant content is key to effective engagement, this is a critical requirement for companies with a global presence.

Key features and functionality of SDL|SM2:

  • Daily Volume – Measure the magnitude of conversations for specific brands by coverage, define time periods including archived history and drill into the coverage of specific posts or comments.
  • Share of Voice – Learn what sources are having the greatest impact on a discussion, review content type share across multiple channels and compare the share of discussion across several brands to understand what’s driving the conversation.
  • Compare Dates – Analyze brand conversations against competitors, track how topics trend over time in comparison, view side-by-side comparisons, rank against competitive offerings and benchmark against industry standards.
  • Themes – Discover issues being discussed about your brand, competitors or industry, understand a specific audience’s unique interest, ensure keywords are accurately utilized within search setup.
  • Demographics – Identify influential sites, blogs and people, segment by popularity, gender and age of author.
  • Author Tags – Compare tag keywords between your brand and competitors, understand the common themes and magnitude of a conversation, and identify niche keywords for SEO.
  • Map Overlay – Understand the magnitude of a conversation across various regions, isolate physical locations of various conversations and drill down to interpret the nature of the conversation.
  • View Reports – Awareness reporting with one click ensures you won’t miss an important post or article, get access to relevant verbatim in real-time and the ability to stay informed on hot topics and react quickly.
  • Sentiment Reports – Gauge customer brand perception or emotion to advertising, understand the sentiment distribution for a brand over a specific period of time and customize sentiment specific to industry or brand.

In short, Alterian SM2 provides the information required to help identify your target audience, relevant communities, influencers within your target market, and a route map of the different ways to engage with them. It provides valuable feedback and insights into the latest trends and developments relevant to your brand, and much of the foundational information required to orchestrate successful social media campaigns as part of an overall marketing strategy.


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    We are using SDL Alterian SM2 for our customers for almost 2 years . It is the best tool for Social Media Analysis and our customers understand the value of SM2 which is by far better than any other known platform and of course works in so many languages. Love this tool !

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