Chris Benham

Chris knows that great marketing is created by listening to your customers – not talking at them. He’s applied this thinking to help elevate several companies to market-leading positions. Running marketing for Alchemer provides Chris with an unparalleled opportunity to create marketing that is relevant to customers based on their feedback. Chris joined Alchemer after holding executive marketing roles at Symantec, Avast, Webroot, and Yellowfin BI. He is a graduate of the University of Kansas.
  • Analytics & TestingLessons From Customer Centric Companies

    3 Lessons from Truly Customer-Centric Companies

    Collecting customer feedback is the obvious first step in providing optimal customer experiences. But it’s only the first step. Nothing is accomplished unless that feedback drives some kind of action. Too often feedback is collected, aggregated into a database of responses, analyzed over time, reports are generated, and eventually a presentation is made recommending changes. By then the customers who…

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