Dennis DeGregor

Dennis DeGregor serves as Vice President, Global Experience Data Practice, at Verticurl, a WPP company and part of the Ogilvy Group. Dennis has an extensive client-side track record with Fortune 500 brands in enterprise CX transformation, data strategy, analytics, and leveraging technology for competitive business advantage. Dennis is known for building high-performance teams that accelerate clients’ end-to-end Experience Transformation initiatives via innovation in data strategy. He has written two books on the subject of enterprise data, strategic AI, and leveraging the global Internet for competitive advantage through data-driven CX transformation: HAILOs: Competing on AI in the Post-Google Era and The Customer-Transparent Enterprise.
  • Emerging TechnologyBest Practices for Improving Customer Journeys

    The Art & Science of Improving the Customer Journey in 2023

    Improving the customer journey requires constant attention as companies adjust their strategies to rapidly shifting consumer trends, buying habits, and economic conditions. Many retailers need to adjust their strategies more quickly… Up to 60 percent of potential sales are lost when customers express intent to purchase but ultimately fail to act. According to a study of more than 2.5 million recorded sales…