Ravi Chalaka

Ravi Chalaka is the CMO of Jifflenow and a Marketing and Business Development expert, who creates and executes business strategies, generating demand and raising brand/product awareness in competitive markets. As VP of Marketing at both large and small technology companies, Ravi built strong teams and brands and enabled faster revenue growth for a wide range of solutions based on Big Data, SaaS, AI and IoT software, HCI, SAN, NAS. Ravi has MBA degrees in Marketing and Finance and is an expert industry spokesperson and presenter
  • Marketing ToolsMQL vs MQM (Marketing Qualified Meetings)

    MQLs Are Passé – Are You Generating MQMs?

    The MQM is the new marketing currency. Marketing-qualified meetings (MQM) with prospects and customers drive the sales cycle faster and increase revenue pipeline better. If you are not digitizing the last mile of your marketing campaigns that leads to more customer wins, it’s time to consider the latest marketing innovation. We are well into a game-changing transition from the world…

  • Event MarketingJifflenow Event Marketing Automation Platform

    Jifflenow: How this Meeting Automation Platform Impacts Event ROI

    A majority of large enterprises make substantial investments in corporate events, conferences, and briefing centers with the expectation to accelerate business growth. Over the years, the events industry has experimented with various models and methods to attribute value to these spends. The most track leads generated, social media impressions, and attendee surveys to understand the impact of events on brand…

  • Analytics & TestingKey Event Marketing Metrics

    Key Event Metrics Every Executive Should Track

    An experienced marketer understands the benefits that come from events. Specifically, in the B2B space, events generate more leads than other marketing initiatives. Unfortunately, most leads do not turn into sales, leaving a challenge for marketers to uncover additional KPIs to prove the value of investing in future events. Rather than focussing entirely on leads, marketers need to consider the…

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