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I’m not going to Barnes and Nobles Today!

They built a Barnes and Nobles within a few miles of my home and it’s really a stunning store. I seem to always have a difficult time actually finding my books there, though. Borders seems to have a more finite means of organizing their shelves.

Anyways, I really enjoy both stores but I’ve found myself at Barnes and Nobles more often because they have a Starbucks that has Wireless with AT&T. I haven’t been to Borders for a while – I’m hoping that they’ve got access besides T-Mobile as well.

Anyways – I’m a bookhound and order books constantly from Barnes and Nobles (and Amazon) but only Borders remembered what today is:

That Borders took the time to design a nice email like this AND send me coupon for 25% off is too cool and won’t be forgotten with me. It sounds as though Borders may be losing the war to Barnes and Nobles – but, aside from a convenient location, I’m really not sure how.

By the way, I’m the big 4-0 today! Woohoo!

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